S27 Academy


How do you present something that is completely new to the world?

Organizing the content in a way that took advantage of the full digital experience was key, which meant including the same content in multi explanations throughout the site. Intuitive navigation was introduced with six separate options: The main navigation. In addition, we leveraged video to integrate with the explanation of the concept. The plan to offer a new issue of the lookbook quarterly required us to go beyond the standard website format and develop a whole platform that can be reused for future issues.


Nedap Livestock Management


Paper prototyping




2016 - 2018


We provided the customer with a fully responsive, fresh looking corporate web page. The web site created unique brand positioning and increased the company’s sales effectiveness.


From a technical perspective, the website is created using WordPress CMS. It provides all the essential possibilities, as well as the information on the new E.A corporate page.

Market Research

We created a brand new identity based on their buyer persona, something innovative that perfectly reflects what they stand for.

Team Management

The brief was short and powerful: “We want to be taken seriously, our product is disruptive and new for such a conservative industry” and that is exactly what we did.